Sunday, April 27, 2014

Details about our Upcoming Event

     Hi again!(: We've been looking for potential venues and dates for our upcoming "launch party", and it's most likely going to be at a park, either Crestwood or Lopatcong Park, which are both located within a 20 minute radius of Phillipsburg High School. The date will probably be on May 17th. None of this is set in stone yet, we have to make sure that we can book the venue for that day to make it a reality.
     For our event, we ask that everyone try their best to wear clothes that reflect what ethnicity they are. I completely understand if you don't have traditional ethnic clothes, I know I don't. You see, I am mostly East Indian, but I don't exactly have a sari lying around. And I'm probably not going to buy one because they are extremely expensive. But, I do own clothes that radiate Indian vibes because of its pattern! If you don't have those either, its okay. Ask some of your family members if they happen to have ethnic clothes and if they are willing to let you borrow them for this spectacular event!
     We also ask that everyone bring ethnic food for a potluck lunch. While we feast, music from every corner of the world will be playing! Our goal is to have every single person that attends to have a new favorite type of ethnic clothing as well as favorite ethnic food, that is of a race that they are not. Although our group focuses on diversity of all kinds, the best way to spread our message it to have an opening event specifically dedicated to racial diversity, since everyone can relate to it. See you there! (:

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