Friday, April 18, 2014

VMOSA (Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, and Action Plan)

Eliminating Ignorance for a Better Tomorrow (EIBT)

The Vision:

We came together to make the world a more unified place. Every day, every hour, even every second, there is some sort of discrimination taking place. Whether it be because of their race, their religion, their sexual orientation, or even the way they dress. This can be seen in our very own community, most recently the Phillipsburg Wrestler’s Dilemma. The basis of discrimination and prejudice is ignorance. In today’s society, this problem has significantly escalated. Worst of all, many people have given up hope of the situation ever getting better and have even resorted to extreme means to express their anger and hopelessness. We want to reach people from all walks of life and all age groups to let them know that we are all the same.

The Mission:

“Our mission is to decrease the amount of discrimination by educating and showing our community, and eventually the world, through hands on activities that differences are a fundamental and beautiful part of society.”
Our Objectives:

In order to accomplish our mission, EIBT has the following objectives which, taken together, will help us reach our goal:

  • That every person that comes to our event will have a new favorite ethnic food.
  • By the year 2015, the amount of hate crimes in Phillipsburg will decrease by 10%. 

Our Strategies:

We will pursue the following strategies to reach the objectives:

  • Organizing Diverse Experiences
    • Viewing ethnic art forms, trying ethnic food, learning about other religions...etc. to show the beauty of diversity and how it makes us who we are.
  • Support Groups
    • For people to share their opinions towards discrimination and discuss acts of discrimination taken upon them in a “judge-free” environment.

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